Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sunday.... one game and Homeward bound

So, the one  Sunday game I wanted to get into and did not left me with time on my hands as I did not want to play Pathfinder that day

Apparently I did not get any pics of my Sunday game....


Using the suggestions from the previous crew, this worked out very well, we had nearly a full table and everyone really enjoyed the game...

After the game I left for a miserable ride home that took far longer than it should have. I will not make the ride again by myself and unless I have confirmation that someone will ride with me and won't back out, I cannot attend again


I really had a good time for 90% of the con... Issues leading up to the con were frustrating and Saturday left a lot to be desired after I made my schedule to be able to attend certain functions

I am not going to publicly or privately air any issues.

The drive there was not so bad as compared to the ride home

The hotel Room

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