Monday, April 16, 2018

Demos and Board Game Recommendations

Game demos...

I have been doing game demos for a few months at a few different stores. Some of the games I really like and some of them I do just to do...Still doing my game nights  on Wednesday and Thursday.

Doing the demos can be tedious because sometimes you sit around for a few hours with no players...not bad when you do not care for the demo but when you really like the game, it becomes frustrating. Then sometimes, you do not get another shot to bring that game for various reasons.

My upcoming splash a demos are great games that I really enjoy

Wanted is a Quick 30 minute game that is really rich in the feel of shootouts and the old west...

Compounded gets you into a Lab and using elements to make scoring compounds, I am really excited about this one. it takes about 90 Minutes to play

Here is another one that I am Excited about... this demo is upcoming this month

Top Ten on my Games List at this time... 

1 - The Thing, Infection at Outpost 31

Everyone who plays this seems to be impressed, based on the John Carpenter movie, this is a a game where you try to identify the Imitations and stop them from leaving the base.. 

2 - Compounded

This is a game where you use elements to create compounds and score points.. it has a real good feel to the game and they got everything right and the details are fantastic

3 - Any Fluxx versions

Either you play for 15 minutes or the game get fustrating after a long play.. I love this when it goes about 30-45 minutes at the longest.. set a timer and start over. 

4 - Sushi Go Party

This is simple a quick play game with 3 rounds of Pass and Play... there is a bit of strategy involved but nothing too complex. 

5 - Dastardly Dirigibles

A seemingly simple game that cause frustration when you are forced to change your airship plan.. but lots of fun to play, again a fairly quick game 

6 - Sparkle Kitty

Don't let the name fool you, this is a great game for adults...Teens and kids.. Can be quite cutthroat and lots of fun

7 - Donner Dinner Party

Probably the best Social deduction game on the market, quick and easy to play (7 rounds) feed everyone or vote one of the party to (well, you know) 

8 - Tsuro 

Lots of fun as an in between game, you have to think and see the paths as the board get filled...the best thing is to not let anyone lay a path for you...never ends well for you

9 - Not Alone

Not Alone pits one person against everyone else... I like the game because of the mechanics of the game. Sometimes you get caught and sometimes you make a great play

10 - Munchkin

It takes about 2 games to really get into Munchkin.. it is a fun game to backstab other players or help them

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

GaryCon 2018 - Swag, Purchases and etcetera

So this is a mix up of things I have acquired at GaryCon

It may not be in any order

My Gold Badge, and GM Perks 
(Including Swag Bag)

 I donated some cookies and Caroline provided me the banner (I did offer a few dollars btw)

Single die really set off my Dice OCD... would have loved a pair

  Again, a single Die !!!!

I like this mini...

This is a pretty cool Sticker

Yes, I keep the bags

I did mean to use this


this is a really Cool shirt

I actually wanted this in blue, but they they were not released as the staff had not gotten theirs yet

I got this at the Frog God's game booth 

          This actually came From Eric Tenker, the Tavern Keeper

From Frank Mentzer, one for me and a generous donation to 

Prototype Dice for the Red Box edition


Swag acquired at the FireFly Game


I actually received these from Heidi Gygax for my play in her game
AT the End of the game we encountered a Sphinx who gave us 2 riddles... I had the first one answered 2/3rds of the way through and the Second riddle was faulty.. 
(sorry, riddles and Puzzles are my thing)

"In the marble walls as white as wilk, 
lined with skin as soft as silk, 
within a fountain crystal clear, 
a golden apple does appear no doors are there to this stronghold, 
yet thieves break in and steal the gold"

NOTE: Looking at the second riddle, the inconsistency was the assumed use of Morning vs Mourning, this changes the entire riddle

I am the black child of a white father,
a wingless bird, flying even to the clouds of heaven.
I give birth to tears of mourning in pupils that meet me,
even though there is no cause for grief,
and at once on my birth i am dissolved into air.
What am i?

My first answer was Dawn, correct if  the word is Morning.. 
My Second answer, although not fitting the riddle , was FOG
Before I could provide the third answer, they said I had gotten close anough
the Answer was Smoke... my next choice

I highly recommend these dice... I even bought these to give away  


CON Dice from GaryCon 8... Finally

These 2 D20s are a gift from Heath Uisge Farnden and came from a prize vending machine in Australia... Much MANA contained in this pair

The Posters, Signed by Luke Gygax

The Elmore sketch for the Red box cover, 
limited print run..  
#2 goal on my list was to acquire this

I have been looking at this for awhile and finally picked it up.. 
Looking to run a science fiction based game or 
use the rules to run my Larry Niven inspired world

Stephen Lee offered space for the Save Against Fear flyers and also gave me some promo items, I look forward to what I can do with this game

I have already scheduled a game for this Friday (3/23) and we will work up the characters and do a quick run through

The Signatures

BTW - that was my phone number at the Apartment I grew up in through High School
And Finally......

 The last one Standing