Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Gencon Saturday and Sunday

I have to admit I do not have much to say about these days... I did demos, attempted to go hangout with Bree and failed and ended up just exploring the con and walking about Indy

Met up with Tim in the morning.. and had some coffee while waiting on events to start

Margaret Weis's booth

After doing demos I went to go play a prototype game with the crew from Breaking Games, Shari, Peter, Astrid, Bree and (cannot remember her name) it was a cool word game, and I lost badly

Then I attempted to go with Bree to a meetup for the Heavy Cardboard gamer group, but my voice was so bad that I had to bail. I went back to my room and grabbed my bourbon... then went on walk about

Walk about

I did way too much walking


Not much to say, finished up Demo and left Indy... with some very cool memories of being at GenCon

The 8/8's

Denis and Cosmo Joe

with JC from Foxmind Games

I will say that I have my Geek-out Moment on Sunday... I really do not get the whole CosPlay thing, but when  came as 2 Sparkle*Kitty princesses, It was really amazing

Final Pictures before heading Home

GenCon Friday

Friday, once again found me searching for Coffee and then doing demos all day... The plan for the evening was to go to the Dice Maniacs Club Meeting at the mall and then to AEG's BIG GAME NIGHT...

I snuck away at lunch to join Manny for a playtest of Shadow*Kitty, the next game in the line of Sparkle*Kitty... 

I cannot wait to to get a prototype and start demoing this...

                                                 Rise of Tribes dice tray for the Kickstarter

Later, I went to the Dice Maniacs Club Meeting...  I had already arranged to go dinner with my friend Tim...

As we were walking there, everyone kept yelling, "Look, it is TIM !!" to which I replied

"How do you know his name is Tim ?"

Then Tim would walk up with his badge and go "There are some who call me....... TIM"

Then people would stop and ask for Pics... I have to admit, this was pretty cool and hanging out with Tim was a blast...

Then Tim and I went to go eat before returning to hang out... The Chik-Fil-A was great

Tim Nepal and Kevin Cook

Then it was time for AEG's Big Game night where I was demoing Space Base



Roommate Mike  taking time to explain

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