Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Garycon Update - (Updated Sept 28)

GARYCON Update       February 19

Link to my scheduled games

NOTE: My Dangerous Journeys game is in PERIL !!! Currently, I have 2/8 slots ticketed.  I cannot run the game with less than a full load, and bringing my books will take room

The following are games I have written exclusively for 
GaryCon X

The Master Stoke
The Pirates Of Dark Water Saga 

The Hour of the Wolf

The Following have been Scheduled 

 6         8:00 AM-2:00 PM      Hour of the Wolf -Mythus, Dangerous Journeys
 0         2:00 -6:00           OPEN
10        6:00 -10:00                   The Master Stroke
 0       10:00 -Midnight               Open

14         8:00 AM-Noon             Pizzatoon/ Toon Love Story
             Noon- 4:00 PM            
18         6:00 - 10:00 PM            So you think you have an Attitude
            10:00 - Midnight            

22       8:00 AM-Noon                PODW, Lost Episode
           Noon- 4:00 PM      OPEN          
26       4:00 - 8:00 PM              So you think you have an Attitude, Too
30       8:00 - Midnight              AAAHHHH... revised for 2018

30  Hours of running games over 3 days

The Pirates of Darkwater is going to be amazing, I will be using the Cortex Prime system for this and the rules have not come out yet ...  I have a copy of the working rules document

I am Excited to present The Master Stroke, I love taking something and bringing it to life... in this case, a song (Billy Squire ?)

GAME Descriptions

Cortex Prime - 

Pirates of Dark Water, The Lost Episode 

Based on the Cartoon, 
The alien world of Mer is being devoured by an evil substance known as Dark Water. Only Ren, a young prince, can stop it by finding the lost Thirteen Treasures of Rule. The evil pirate lord, Bloth, will stop at nothing to get the treasures for himself
Pregenerated characters provided.

Dangerous Journeys - The Hour of the Wolf   

Set against the backdrop of war between Atlantis and neighboring Kingdoms that have raged for too long

"The hour between night and dawn. The hour when most people die, when sleep is deepest, when nightmares are most real. It is the hour when the sleepless are haunted by their deepest fears, when ghost and demons are most powerful, the hour of the wolf is also the hour when most children are born." -From Ingmar Bergman

AD&D - So you think you have an Attitude!

Only Dwarves need apply... 13th-15th level... bring your own or be issued a generic.... The followers of the God of Attitude and Drink are sent on a quest for the Ultimate Ale.
Beginners welcome.
Age 13+ please.
Pregenerated characters provided are lame

AD&D - So you think you have an Attitude, Too !

Only Dwarves need apply... 14th-17th level... bring your own or be issued a generic.... The followers of the God of Attitude and Drink are sent to acquire the ingredients.
Beginners welcome.
Pregenerated characters provided are lame


Pregen Characters Provided... I promise a truly Epic adventure that will generate stories for you to tell in the tavern
This features some of the greatest concepts and Role Play that I have ever put together. The characters provided are all high level
and saying anything further goes would ruin the integrity of the game.
Age 15+ please.
ONLY Pregenerated characters will be used.

AD&D - The Master Stroke

Pregen Characters Provided..
The celebration of the New Cycle of the kingdom is at hand according to the calendar of
the druids...once Every 100 years or so is the Celebration of Marmistal, the Hatching of the
Golden Nut at Nights Noon Time.  You have been selected to find and escort the Golden
Nut to the ceremony

TOON - PizzaToon / A Toon Love Story           (Submitted)
2 Shorts
Pizzatoon, deliver pizzas to ....
A Toon Love Story, where is the groom ?
Levels Mild Insanity to Outright bambooled

PizzaTOON is also the Shaun Nelson Memorial game  

I met Shaun when I started to attend cons in the early 1990's, and a large group of us ended volunteering at many DefCons on NJ. 

He was a great person who love to play RP's and was into Renaissance Festivals and SCA. 

He also introduced us all to the "Donut Dance" He had his own music that he played and it was tradition at the close of the con to go out to eat, then get Donuts.. anytime we got together, we seemed to get them and dance about joyfully

Then at one of the Cons, Our friend Steve ran a Toon game called "Dances With Donuts" I really enjoyed playing in it and everyone had a great time... At the end of the game, Shaun came in with 2 dozen donuts and led us conga line style through the entire con... playing music and getting all the people playing upset with us for disturbing their games... 

Several years later 2010 I think, I got to go to Dinner with Shaun one last time with Steve, then we went to Fog's house for our last get together with Fog who past a few years later

Shaun passed on in 2011, but I missed it, I just stopped seeing posts on Facebook from him..  He was a Great person who inspired the my Toon game and all the Toons were created from my early Con Experiences

We Dance to honor the Donut Dance Master... 

He tended to alternate between "Lady is a tramp" by They Might Be Giants and "Java" by Al Hirt.------------------------------------------------------------------------

Of course all of this is subject to change but so far I think this will all be done... 

The hardest part is convincing a few people to try Dangerous Journeys so I can relearn the mechanics of the game... It has been years since I played with the system