Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mythos, Dangerous Journeys... 25 Years later

For GaryCon in 2018, I decided to bring one of the Master's games to life...

So, I started with a concept (The Hour of the Wolf) and began to write the adventure... Then I completely realized that I forgot so much about the game system

When it was released, I bought nearly everything for the system.

Then TSR at the time sued Gary Gygax and GDW to stop the sale of Dangerous Journeys..

Good write up of the issue (Click here)

I don't agree with his assessment of the system, but the lawsuit is summed up nicely

Now I decided that I needed to create the characters because it could not be done at the gaming table.

So I started with the Non magic users, then moved to the "Partial practitioners" and on to the lone "Full Practitioner"

I love that this is such a skill based system. you really do not want to do much combat in this system at the lower levels. but after a while of role playing and adventuring, you can run some decent combats.

I started with a basic character generation but found that typing everything or writing on the sheets was not going to be practical, so I put together a database to make adding KS area, sub areas, weapons, armor, items and anything else easy to build and cut and past e into my character sheets

This cut out lots of time from base generation of characters.. I just select, add in the steep, then run a report. I can then copy past directly into the sheet

I select in this screen
Add the Steep in this step
Copy from this report
Paste into the Character sheet

After creating most of the characters (still adding some things to them) I can say that this is going to be exceptional, the completeness of the characters and background on the game will provide a rich texture for the plot and design... 

You can review the characters and the database at the link below

I knew that character creation would be tough as I am relearning as I go along and had to create modern tools that simply were not available. Nothing prepared me for the sheer amount of line my line input and updates that I needed to make this process smoother.

Now that I am well into the partial practitioners of Heka, I am converting spell lists for the different KS Areas... I have not tackled the large lists for the Magic Users until I have to. It requires me entering them in excel, then putting in the grade, the page and type, then copying to the database

As I am going through the process of creation, I am relearning what made this game great to me.

I love

  • adventure games
  • Games with puzzles
  • Games with lots of interactions 
  • Role playing over combat
  • giving players 20 different options and seeing what happens
  • creating a story line with multiple arcs and branches 
  • being able to use skills in a meaningful way in the story

Now Dangerous Journeys works best with 4-5 players or less. I really think that 3 players is perfect for a JM (Journey Master) because of all that each character can do. This being said, because I am writing this for GaryCon, I want as many players to play as possible, the adventure is going to be a bit more straight forward then I would normally write but, every game of mine has an element that is unique. The plot for this one is so exceptional that the players are going to be either thrilled or hate it.... I won't know until the playtest

I will be adding a video of Character creation to this post in next few days for the few people who may find this interesting  STAY TUNED To this page please...