Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gary Con 10 and I am intending to go

I have been gaming with Luke Heller and we are making plans to go to GaryCon 10

I have decided on running the following games

So you think you have an Attitude ? 
So you think you have an Attitude, too ?    (Rewrite needed)
AAAAHHHH - Version 2018 with a revised ending     
The Quest for the Gate between worlds
PizzaTOON / A TOON Love Story

The following are games I am developing for GaryCon

The Fairy Fellers Master Stoke
             I am fairly well along in the story and the pregens

The Hour of the Wolf
            Dangerous Journeys
                       Starting work has begun... 

The Pirates Of Dark Water Saga 
            Using Dream Park Rules (Cyberpunk 2.0 Engine)
                       Have not begun to write it, but picks up where the                            Series ended all those years ago

I also have a few other games that I may or may not run depending on how I feel about progress

These may include (titles only)
The Tower and the Keep
The Elves of Sanatoga
TOON Whom it may Concern

Or I may decide not to run any games and just show up to play....

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Poor Treatment from a one day Convention - Legacies Game Day


Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, Legacies is officially cancelled for this year. Refunds are being issued. If you have questions, send them to

HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!

So, I attended Legacies gameday in Havertown, PA last year..  I was going to run TOON and AAAHHH (AD&D 1/2 edition)

Anyway, because of Soccer that day, I was running late.. and no one signed up for my toon game anyway.

I did play in a Mutant and Master mind game.. and Ran AAAHHH that night

AAAHHH is a difficult game in that it is Role playing intense and requires puzzle solving... There are lots of player notes shifting around.. .I have also ran it at over a dozen conventions.. and it features several revisions (including a new ending I am creating)

Pregen Characters Provided... I promise a truly Epic adventure that will generate stories for you to tell in the tavern
This features some of the greatest concepts and Role Play that I have ever put together. The characters provided are all high level
and saying anything further goes would ruin the integrity of the game.
Age 15+ please.
ONLY Pregenerated characters will be used.

So I was planning on going back this year (April 22), sent in my games and found out that none were listed...

So I posted about it on their webpage and Facebook page  - See Below

GREG BARRYMarch 1, 2017 at 8:25 pmComment awaiting approval
Ok, I registered to run events but none of mine are listed here or in the sign up. I got a confirmation email… I will assume I have been uninvited…
Confirmation for form GM Sign-Up
Submitted at 01/04/17 4:20 PM
and got this reply

From: Carl Bussler []
Sent: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 3:33 PM
To: Greg barry <>
Subject: Legacies Game Day

I knew I forgot something...

At the end of last year's convention, I sent every attendee a Feedback form. I even made a point to speak with people after the games.

Overall, the feedback was positive, but I received numerous complaints about your games.

It's for that reason, that I decided not to include your games in this year's event.


I sent this reply

From: Gregory Barry
Sent: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 4:39 PM
To: Carl Bussler <>
Subject: RE: Legacies Game Day

OK, nice way to let me know, but no hard feelings on the part of 6 or 7  people who did not get what the game was about

Game... single game. It's ok, the game was not for everyone. It's a hard old school adventure.  I thought people had fun, I have had great reception on that game from numerous places

Saves me time and energy. I will just let people I have spoken to know that I will not attend

Good Luck,


Anyway, I volunteered my time to come and support the convention, I had already mentioned it to many more people who were planning on attending...

So the games running at Legacies Game Day are as follows

  • D&D 5e – Adventurer’s League
  • D&D 5e  – TBA
  • Palladium – “A.E.G.I.S. Rising”
  • WWII: Operation Whitebox 
  • D&D 5e – Adventurer’s League
  • Ghostbusters! – “Who You Should’ve Called”
  • Dungeons & Dragons Fast Play – “Doom)
  • City of Mist 
  • Savage Worlds/Rifts 
  • Mutant Crawl Classics
  • D&D 5e – Adventurer’s League
  • Savage Worlds/Rifts
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics
As you can see, there are no Legacy Games Listed (Meaning AD&D TSR, or 80's/ 90's) 

I have never felt a need to trash a Game master, even if the style is not to my liking.  I am not a big hack and slash person.  I love to create puzzles and challenges. 
Now if you want to complain about me being an asshole or my personality.. go for it... Tell me what you do not like about the game. Not every game is to everyone's  liking and I know when one or 2 players are not "into" the game

So yeah, it chaps my ass that Carl responded AFTER I had inquired.. So every year when he has this, instead of directing people to his event, I will run my own game... I hope people realize that people volunteer to run games because they want to and if you treat them like I was treated, you get stuck with people who will not want to run games and you end up with only your friends playing