Thursday, March 10, 2016

Garycon.... Aftermath.. Swag and Sigs

Con Swag Bag

Upon my Check in at GaryCon, I got the Gold badge level ($130.00) Swag bag

The content as Follows: 
GaryCon Events Guide
Badge and badge holder
Pathfinder hard cover Module
KODT Comic (Forgot to get this signed while I was there)
DCC Module
3 Chaos Wars Miniatures
1 Set of Gemstones dice
Dwarven Forge Kickstarter Card
Dragonlock downloads for a 3d Printer (Not that I have one)
Goodman games Scratch off adventure
Mission I.S.S card game for 1 to 4 players
Gary Con Shirt
 Gary Con GM Shirt
4 Cups, the black one is the GM Cup and has the perks of all the cups

My Purchases

I was actually hoping to sell more cookies in order to finance my purchases at the con, but that did not happen so I only made a few purchases, they were very calculated for a few reasons... 

One, for a signature and I was impressed with the Firefly game system

Two, To help out a budding artist and show her some support

Three - To buy a print I have loved since opening the red box when it first arrived in our hobby shops.

Fourth - To show additional support to our Aussie Friend

This is the probably the only con I have went to where I did not come home with all sorts of dice, I even missed out on the Gary Con 8 sided dice because I thought Saturday morning I would be safe to get them so I did not even get any additional con swag

By Simon Todd's daughter Bernie

I actually only bought the one Dice and the Pic, Heath knew I was was pretty bummed out Saturday and gave me 2 dice (these are better than the GaryCon Dice anyway) 


Other people value autographs a lot more than I do, that is one of the reasons I miss out on getting things signed, I would rather pick someone brains than ask them to sign anything... 

Ended up selling this because I need Funds for my Home Heating System Replacement fund.

Jason Bulmahn, Lead Designer @ Paizo

Larry Elmore, Artist  and Frank Mentzer

Luke Gygax

Larry Elmore, Artist
Merle Rasmussen, original creator of Top Secret who sold the rights to TSR

Ernie Gygax

 This is my travel copy of the PHB, I will still use it and not think twice is the sig gets ruined

The Character is the one I played in the Hobby Shop Dungeon at Garycon, also signed...


I will wrap this whole journey up in the next few days, still getting my thoughts together. Not sure if these are my final thoughts or my nearly final thoughts... It is a memory and I love to game with many of the people I met at another time... 

I had an epiphany this morning, my being at Gary Con was simply a check mark on things I had wanted to do. 

The Drive home simply was tough and horrible, I will never do that again by myself. I would have to trust the person who agrees to drive with me that they would not back out... 

I had an amazing time for the most part and was treated fairly well by everyone. It is not something I feel compelled to repeat even though I missed out on several things I wanted to attend.  

Con blur aside, I got called the weirdest thing to happen to a certain minister who thought my inserting him in my Toon game was was an insult. The same minister who I walked up to and said he needed a board with a cross on it to go with his monk outfit and then I had to explain the "Monty Python and the Holy grail" reference to him

Being called weird is fine, some people just do not get the nature of more serious role playing games like TOON and I feel sorry for that lack of joy in their lives

I heard a lot of complaints that no one was finishing the game objectives, I was very bored in the Hobby Shop dungeon that took forever for me to get into the game and then ended after a short time..The highlight was throwing the doggy toys for Kaecie, Ernie Gygax' service dog

Update... this was no reflection on Ernie or the game itself... The players as a whole made a HUGE blunder that led to boredom... and someone used Burning hands on the Fire Giabt DOOOHHH

All of my other games completed their objective and although I wish I could have stayed for the rest of my Minion game, the Firefly game by Daniel was FN Awesome... Not to mention Margaret Weis took real joy in playing with all of us. She made feel special by seeking my out the next day as she said she would in order to sign my Firefly book....  

Talking to VIPs several times, not once did any of them ask what games I was running. I understand they really don't care, but some polite conversation might be nice, I am sure I came off as either a total fan or someone who has disdain for their status

Maybe my expectations were higher, but while it was good, there was a lot to be desired

The entire crew at the Party on Saturday night was pretty awesome 

Before I came to my decision, I was even thinking about a few games that I would develop for next year (or any Cons i may attend)

So I was thinking of doing a 3 Part "Pirates of Darkwater" series
Writing a full 4 hour TOON exploration game
Classic Ravenloft may be a cool 6-8 Hour game
Barring any setback and if I can get my furnace replaced, I am tempted to attend either next year or the following year.

UPDATE  - A year later  March 2017
I plan on going back to GaryCon in 2018. I have started to write my games. 
I will doing a 4 hour Toon game
A Dangerous Journeys game
"So you think you have an Attitude" "So you think you have an Attitude , Too"
Quest for the Gate Between Worlds(all games subject to change)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sunday.... one game and Homeward bound

So, the one  Sunday game I wanted to get into and did not left me with time on my hands as I did not want to play Pathfinder that day

Apparently I did not get any pics of my Sunday game....


Using the suggestions from the previous crew, this worked out very well, we had nearly a full table and everyone really enjoyed the game...

After the game I left for a miserable ride home that took far longer than it should have. I will not make the ride again by myself and unless I have confirmation that someone will ride with me and won't back out, I cannot attend again


I really had a good time for 90% of the con... Issues leading up to the con were frustrating and Saturday left a lot to be desired after I made my schedule to be able to attend certain functions

I am not going to publicly or privately air any issues.

The drive there was not so bad as compared to the ride home

The hotel Room

GaryCon - Saturday... Fun Games, but some things just did not go right

Saturday was a Mix of really good games and lots of frustration, outside of games

For many reasons, I just wanted to leave the con and go home. Some of it was my expectations and some of it was just scheduling issues

Needless to say, I spent a lot less money at the con than I anticipated and will be getting my GM refund in full

This was my day I had pretty much a light schedule, only running 2 games... Daytoona Beach and Quest for the Gate between Worlds..  I wanted to attend some things and unfortunately, one of them was moved to a time I was running games

And that is all I will say about that.

I got to walk around and take pictures that day before my TOON game

TOON - Daytoona Beach Party Bingo Blast

I had 3 players out of 7 show up, but that was fine because it was one player from my previous toon game and Father with his 7 year old daughter...

So I had

Mr FuzzyPants -Cat
a Dog
and the Platypus

Wish I got a pic of the players... anyway both of them loved toon and had their own books with them and the daughter was so cute.... The game is a beach olympics and I list a race at the beginning that I have never gotten to, so I never wrote it up... I ran the race off the top of my head and it was great

During the race the girl, playing Mr. Fuzzypants, the cat, After her father stretched his legs, she pulled out Scissors and tried to cut his legs off.... she tried to cut the dogs head off but he dodged

She reminded me of my Daughter when playing.

Additional Pics from Saturday

Firefly Game

Firefly Game

Luke Gygax

James Ward

Frank and Debbie Mentzer


AD&D - The Quest for the Gate Between Worlds

So, this was a mixed bag, this was a Great game that I ran many times. One of the players was familiar with the source material and gave it a great review... 2 of the players were not thrilled with the game... I think the style of gaming was just not what they anticipated. 

I did have to force 2 actions to make the game work, but everything was pretty good

I am actually in a Picture !!!! thanks to the great waiter Daniel

The youngster at the table was sharp.. he held his own


Jolly Blackburn's Party (Safe pics only, I did not take any non safe pics)

So there was 2 parts to Jolly's party, I found the need to leave for an hour (for personal reasons that had nothing to do with the party)

Lester Smith and I after Riazul aƱejo tequila...

OK, So I feel like an idiot, I knew Lester was one of the greats in Gaming, even though he played it down.... I completely forgot he was the Editor for Dangerous Journeys and I had my book in the car.... uuggg

THE SKULL... They dared you to take a drink....

If anyone has any issues with these Photos, let me know and I will remove them....