Thursday, March 3, 2016

Wednesday In Wisconsin.... OK, Can it possibly get any better ?

I have arrived in Wisconsin, Lake Geneva to be exact... So like any disciple of Gary Gygax.. I sought the plaque at Lake Geneva... Very easy to find

Right in front of the fountain that is right next to THE RIVIERA

Next,I registered for the con and Ran into Heath from Australia

not too bad for a guy who drove here from Philly and was up since the 6 AM the day before

Talking To many people, including Luke Gygax... no pic yet

Edwin asked for a ride to FRANKENPARTY... The person I was supposed to pick up was not feeling well, but I hate showing up alone... So after meeting Franks wife, Debbie and giving the hostess an of Blue Mountain Wineries  White Merlot (My Personal Favorite) I settled into some Serious socializing

Franks wife in her Kitchen, she owned a bakery and does all the cooking,  Everything was incredible and they really made you feel welcome in their home

I really enjoyed talking to everyone, Andy, Simon and Bernie from England were great.

I managed to finagle my way into the Firefly game... with Margaret Weis... Spent some time talking to Daniel who is running the game...After much begging and pleading, he asked mye to run the NPC bad Guy....

I really hate to be intrusive when it comes to Pictures so don't be upset if all my pics are not put up.

Dice Envy... where do I get this set ?

This was Gary Gygax Desk until it was given to Frank


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