Tuesday, March 8, 2016

GaryCon - Friday... More awesomeness - Donuts and Legends


Started the day looking for Bittners Bakery as this was recommended on the GaryCon Facebook page... I made sure to tell them we were in town for GaryCon

We got there, ordered a dozen donuts, and they were very friendly and helpful, Luke (Heller) also got some other pastries... then we got all turned around and it took us 15 minutes to get back (I later found it was only 2 minutes away)

The game I was running that morning was Pizza TOON / TOON, a Love Story. (One of the requirements I stick to when naming my TOON games is that TOON has to be in the title

Pizza TOON was originally written for a Con in New Jersey and featured all the People who were at that Con as well of as other Conventions such as the Star Trac Con with Newkirk and Oldkirk

A few of the players signed away their life to sell Amwait

I had planned on Honoring a longtime Friend who introduced us to the fine art of Donut Dancing when we would gather... this because such a ritual when at cons and anytime we got together... 

Before GaryCon, I contacted Steve Karstensen (the TOON Game Animator within the TOON Game) and he told me what the Donut Dance Music was

He tended to alternate between "Lady is a tramp" by They Might Be Giants and "Java" by Al Hirt.

I feel so honored that when Steve came to NJ from California that I was able to go have dinner with Steve and Shaun several years ago

So at the end of Pizza TOON, In the GAME, in comes Shaun Nelson to Lead Everyone on a Conga Line with Donuts... Put the Donuts on the table, Cue the music (JAVA) and off we were dancing around the table.... All of the players were great in taking the opportunity to honor my Friend and I could not see a better tribute... although if I go next year, I will get more donuts and lead the conga line... It was EPICALLY SILLY

I will have to say, the donuts were AMAZING... My hats off to the OP who posted about Bittners

Dances With Donuts video

Shaun Nelson Facebook Tribute

the Second game was TOON, a Love Story.... Since there was a wedding on the site this year, I made this all about GaryCon and the Notables in attendance...
Luke Gygax was Lugy, the Noble Knight and Defender of the realm

Ernie was Ernie the Spider

Heath Uisge Farnden was HUF, the Koala bear with with Incredible speed... So when I told Heath, he said "Koala Bears are not very fast" that is why he had incredible speed and would show up from time to time take pictures

The Minister was Minister D, the dog

"And this one time I was in the game with Tim the cat and it was a Total TPK"

Eventually after running all over the Con and creating mayhem, they were able to get the Wedding done.... 

Do you?
Do you?
Good, your married, go away !!!

So after the exhilarating conclusion of the TOON game, I was off to play in the Hobby Shop Dungeon with Ernie Gygax Jr... 

I enjoyed being in Ernie's company even if we, as a group messed up (not my fault, I was the druid) I spent most of my time being the thrower of Ducks and Owlbears for Kaecie, Ernie's Dog

Ernie told some great stories and we had a lot of fun... we did not get far in the game and a lot of our rolls were horrible

Side Note: Do not use burning hands on the Fire Giant... 

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM          AD&D - AAAAHHHH

This game went excellent and this group provided probably the best feedback I have ever had on this game.  There are some fairly tough puzzles and they got what the game was meant to be. 

8:00 PM - 12:00 AM      AD&D - By The Light of the Slippery Moon

I have to say, going into this game, I was not confident in the material. I tried to do something ambitious and was hoping it would go one way... either people have a tendency not to read the notes or just ignored them completely...  This is the only game I ran that ended badly. 

I was generally disappointed in the game that I did not take a picture of the players

However Heath found me that day and gave me my Honourary Aussie card for providing some meager funds to make this trip

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