Tuesday, March 8, 2016

GaryCon - Thursday - Pathfinder and Firefly and 3 games

So I woke up Thursday having my AD&D game Entrance To Classari

The game went very well and I think everyone was pleased with it

Then I ran to My next game... I was playing in Minion with Jason Bulmahn, lead designer at Paizo
Pathfinder game

I played the Orc and my role was to wear the wizards costume and convince powerful but not too smart and powerful adventurers to come get some gold and magic items in out lair

I had Jason and everyone at the table cracking up and unfortunately needed to leave as I was scheduled to play an NPC in the game I really wanted to play in

So off to the Firefly game I went...I was the bad guy, but honorable to a degree that wanted the Laser prototype that the Malcolm had...  Inarra was intent on wearing me out, but I rolled and 8-4-8... the highest possible roll and wore her out instead... needless to say, my bad guy got messed over in the end and it was a blast... oh, and Margaret Weis was in the game playing Jayne...

As an NPC, I think Daniel had no way to know that I would play this pretty straight up, I gave him a good personality and always prepared for my next move....

Amazingly, they escaped my alliance cruiser with Wash making a super roll to avoid the ship... stating "I am a leaf on the wind !!!"

Daniel (in Grey), his Wife next to him...
Margaret Weis

Margaret Weis and Luke Heller

Margaret told me if I bought the Firefly RPG, she would com by tomorrow and sign it for me because she had to leave 3/4 of the way through the game.... I told her where I was going to be and the next day toward the end of my game, she came by and signed it...

Then it was time for my TOON game, I knew my players were few so it would be quicker than usual...

Toon is usually timed at 20 Minutes per player and I have 2 players... More players, more mayhem, longer game... The game lasted about an hour and a half as they tried to put the FOO-FUU bird in a cage. It was a great warm up for the Toon game the next day
TOON table cover

Finally, the game of the day was "So you think you have an ATTITUDE" my drunken Dwarves bar hopping game

Every time I run this game it is interesting... I think the Dwarves drank less that any other group I have run, The shock was the earthquake on the Final bar where they needed to wait and follow the delivery person so I had to work around that.. All in all, it was a good showing for the players

So, after wrapping up, wandering around, we went back to the hotel to Prepare for the next day

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