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D&D The Blue book Who knew that bell charts and dice role aggregates would help with learning and critical thinking-Life Changing
.... D&D... best edit ever

2 -  - First RPG Gamemastered - D&D, worst dungeon ever... I sucked, luckily my friends really did not notice, I got better

3 -  First RPG Purchased - Dungeons and Dragons and Dice... read and memorized cover to cover in one day

4 - Last RPG Purchase - AD&D 1st edition Monster Manual from Ebay....Role Playing game legendary book !!!!

5 . most old school RPG owned--
Dungeons and Dragons and TOON-the role playing game

Favorite RPG never get to play. tough one but I have to go with TOON, The Role playing Game. Chutzpah baby

. Most intellectual role paying game owned; Dangerous Journeys.Took a lot to make the character.,but is an amazing system

8   Fav Character 1st Ed. Female Assassin over 10 yrs. claimed 2 b fighter-an Orc was a Cure light wounds

9   favorite dice set..large play school dice and from dice that I can throw at players

10 ...favorite tie in novel.,My approach - novel that inspired a game. DREAM PARK One of the most inspiring and instructional for a DM

Weirdest Role playing game Owned - not sure, but I think playing a toon may be the one... not that far off the path though

12 . Old role playing game I still pay/read.,being old school, D&D...Vampire, the masquerade,., I do read toon

13  Most memorable character death: I was the DM, one player took out another player by creating a tornado and dropped him 2000 feet

14   Best convention purchase: having 2 figures painted for me. And DICE, lots of dice

15   - Fav Con game Dances with Donuts, TOON. ended with table dancing through the con while eating donuts -more

16 .. Game I Wish I owned...Original Call of Chtuthl...

17 -funniest game you played in- Dances with Donuts...TOON - enough said

18  - favorite game system...AD&D 1st edition of course

19  Fav published adventure- Sabre River.. More for the way the DM ran the game...

20 (Never Tweeted) Will Still Play in 20 Years time - AD&D, If I can put together a good core group

21-Fav licensed RPG., Dream Park,loved that each game could mix or use different genres.. Easy system to play

22 -Best secondhand purchase - near perfect copy of Fiend Folio from eBay for $8.00,including shipping

23 . Getting caught up..collect looking product - Top Secret box set..

24 ..Most complicated RPG owned, Dangerous Journeys...truly freaking awesome game

25 ..Fav RPG that no one wants to play - DC Heroes

26  coolest character sheet... AD&D with the honor box for OA

27 you would like to see a new edition... Dream Park

28  scariest game ever played - Call of Cthulhul first edition literally scared the hell out of me - Scott Castrol was the GM'

29 . Most memorable encounter - Toon, My Rabbit made lots of copies (rabbits multiply). and all of them dropped exploding dice at once
. The exploding dice took out a sky scraper floor by floor, have to admit, I did not for see this mayhem

30  Rarest RPG owned - Dream Park, only because the company no longer exists.. I also have a copy of the original Gods Demigods ...

31    Fav RPG of all Time - Silly Question, has and always will           
                                                  ADVANCED DUNGEONS 
                                                        AND DRAGONS

Things That Influenced Me

Here are things that had an impact on my life... These 

are in no way listed in order of their importance. 


  1. Dream Park, Larry Niven and Stephen Barnes 
  2. Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit
  3. The Bible 
  4. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Dungeon Masters Guide 
  5. How to Eat Fried Grasshoppers ( We read this in my second grade class and I am unable to find this book anywhere)
  6. Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the '80's (Gonzo Papers) by Hunter S. Thompson 
  7. No One here gets out alive, Jim Morrison Biography
  8. The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy (all of the books)
  9. The Adventures of Samurai Cat 
  10. Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey
  11. The Sleeping Dragon (Gaurdians of the Flame Series)


  1. Beastmaster (bad film, good breasts, hey I was young when I first saw it)
  2. Casablanca, I tend to model my characters on the characters in this film
  3. The Sword and the Sorcerer, FN everyone had a character named Talon at one point
  4. Krull - Horrible film, cool weapon
  5. Say Anything
  6. Anything featuring Ray Harryhousen 
    1. The Golden Voyage of Sinbad                     
    2. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad 
    3. Jason and the Argonauts 
  7. Willow
  8. Dragonslayer
  9. Robin Hood (Errol Flynn)
  10. Excalibur


Keep in Mind that I grew up when we had only 1 or 2 tv's no DVR or DVD... we gathered around the TV at night and watched as a Family
  1. Animainiacs
  2. Happy Days
  3. Battlestar Galactica 
  4. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 
  5. Quark
  6. BJ and the Bear
  7. Dukes of Hazzard
  8. Looney toons
  9. X-Files
  10. Mork and Mindy
  11. Soap


  1. Jethro Tull
  2. Queen
  3. Kiss
  4. Talking Heads
  5. Adam and the Ants
  6. The Wolfe Tones
  7. U2
  8. Led Zepplin

Early Convention Years

In 1992 we started attending conventions.  I enjoy playing as much as I like being the gamemaster

The First convention I attended was Defcon 3 in New Brunswick, NJ on April 24-26, 1992
It was run by Pete Boton and Shirley
They were assisted by Tanya and Andy and Shaun and several other people

I Ran 2 games (4 time slots) and did not stay on site at the hotel
        One of the games was "Entrance To Classari" and the other game I ran was Maidens of the Dessert .... during Saturday, I somehow managed to lock my keys in the car (all my materials were in the car) and had to get a ride home to get my spare. This messed up my times for running my games on Saturday... I met so many gamers at the con and many of whom I gamed with outside the con after it ended. So everyone voted on best payer, best Game master and some other categories. I ended up Winning Best Game Master and I guess I kinda shocked everyone by giving a speech thanking everyone...

Entrance to Classari  - Rescue a Sword of power from an underground Orc stronghold, for characters Level 5-7

Maidens Of the Dessert - Set off to explore an Ancient land in the middle of a Dessert, Levels 8-11

We made DefCon our Home convention as it was the most local, then we started staying at the Hotel, assisting with Running the con as best we could. We also Hosted a Saturday Night Party in our room that was unbelievable at every con... people would ask about the parties all night...

After the party Saturday night, we walked the halls at about 5:00 AM, shouting "Bring Out your Dead!!"
and usually clanging on empty ice bins or whatever else we had.

Defcon 4:

Maidens of the Forest - searching for a Missing Druid who is to become the next Grand Druid

I think this is where I premiered So you think you have an Attitude !! - The followers of the Dwarven God of Attitude and Drink have been summoned to go on a quest.

I also started the Arena of Chaos as a build your best character and  defeat everyone else slugfest. We had 4 board going for this game and 38 players at 7 PM on Saturday. We provided a 25 Dollar gift card, and numerous other prizes (Such as a plastic sword for the First Killed and prizes for the top 5)
I had my core group providing 8 DM's for this ... We ran this for 3 Cons...

I got to play in a early Sunday morning game (I never schedule one, but my friend Tanya Schector was running it)... The game was about characters getting transported to a Renaissance Festival in modern day Sterling forest.... I brought along my Paladin, Hamlet (Things did not go well for him) but for me and the other player next to me, we were having a great time.... Seems Tanya setup the table and got me to play for a reason....  There was a girl (20 or so years old) playing in the game with a low cut top and for every die roll, she would get up and lean over the table to roll the dice... Tanya had her do A LOT of extra rolling...

Defcon 5

So You Think You Have an Attititude, Too !!!

I could not come up with a good plot / hook for my next Maidens (Maidens of the Tundra) so I shelved that

By this time we we were running TOON!  games and all sorts of other games... Dream Park, the Novel and later the RPG influenced my games... and I wanted to create a game within a game so I created "The Quest for the Gate Between Worlds"... based on a book. This is the first time at a con that I used pregenerated character and had to create an additional character that was not in the book.

I have only used Pregens when absolutely needed for the game... when I needed to provide a large background for a game I was running or based on my groups campaign (Port Greybar)

I think I was able to Play in Steve Karstensen's Toon game "Dances with Donuts"
Background: Shaun Nelson (RIP) loved donuts and whenever we got together we got donuts and Shaun had his own Donut Dance music...
 - Steve (who is brilliant) ran a fantastic game... he took everything from the past conventions and Tooned it just right.

Defcon 6- 8

To be honest, I do not remember what I ran at the remaining defcons so I will do my best to stay in order

Toon Games
Daytoona Beach - Toon game, very well received.
Pizzatoon - Delivering Pizzas to an RPG convention
Toon, A Love Story - Delivering the groom to the Wedding

AD&D Games

AAAHHH - To Say anything about this would be just wrong... This is one of my masterpieces

The Epic Saga of Port Greybar - This was based off my long running campaign featuring the most Epic Monster ever in AD&D - The Curhre

The Shadow Mother game, brings all the aspiring guild master assassins together to find and destroy the grandmother of assassins

The Return Of the Griffin, The fulfillment of an ancient treaty must be completed