Saturday, August 30, 2014

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D&D The Blue book Who knew that bell charts and dice role aggregates would help with learning and critical thinking-Life Changing
.... D&D... best edit ever

2 -  - First RPG Gamemastered - D&D, worst dungeon ever... I sucked, luckily my friends really did not notice, I got better

3 -  First RPG Purchased - Dungeons and Dragons and Dice... read and memorized cover to cover in one day

4 - Last RPG Purchase - AD&D 1st edition Monster Manual from Ebay....Role Playing game legendary book !!!!

5 . most old school RPG owned--
Dungeons and Dragons and TOON-the role playing game

Favorite RPG never get to play. tough one but I have to go with TOON, The Role playing Game. Chutzpah baby

. Most intellectual role paying game owned; Dangerous Journeys.Took a lot to make the character.,but is an amazing system

8   Fav Character 1st Ed. Female Assassin over 10 yrs. claimed 2 b fighter-an Orc was a Cure light wounds

9   favorite dice set..large play school dice and from dice that I can throw at players

10 ...favorite tie in novel.,My approach - novel that inspired a game. DREAM PARK One of the most inspiring and instructional for a DM

Weirdest Role playing game Owned - not sure, but I think playing a toon may be the one... not that far off the path though

12 . Old role playing game I still pay/read.,being old school, D&D...Vampire, the masquerade,., I do read toon

13  Most memorable character death: I was the DM, one player took out another player by creating a tornado and dropped him 2000 feet

14   Best convention purchase: having 2 figures painted for me. And DICE, lots of dice

15   - Fav Con game Dances with Donuts, TOON. ended with table dancing through the con while eating donuts -more

16 .. Game I Wish I owned...Original Call of Chtuthl...

17 -funniest game you played in- Dances with Donuts...TOON - enough said

18  - favorite game system...AD&D 1st edition of course

19  Fav published adventure- Sabre River.. More for the way the DM ran the game...

20 (Never Tweeted) Will Still Play in 20 Years time - AD&D, If I can put together a good core group

21-Fav licensed RPG., Dream Park,loved that each game could mix or use different genres.. Easy system to play

22 -Best secondhand purchase - near perfect copy of Fiend Folio from eBay for $8.00,including shipping

23 . Getting caught up..collect looking product - Top Secret box set..

24 ..Most complicated RPG owned, Dangerous Journeys...truly freaking awesome game

25 ..Fav RPG that no one wants to play - DC Heroes

26  coolest character sheet... AD&D with the honor box for OA

27 you would like to see a new edition... Dream Park

28  scariest game ever played - Call of Cthulhul first edition literally scared the hell out of me - Scott Castrol was the GM'

29 . Most memorable encounter - Toon, My Rabbit made lots of copies (rabbits multiply). and all of them dropped exploding dice at once
. The exploding dice took out a sky scraper floor by floor, have to admit, I did not for see this mayhem

30  Rarest RPG owned - Dream Park, only because the company no longer exists.. I also have a copy of the original Gods Demigods ...

31    Fav RPG of all Time - Silly Question, has and always will           
                                                  ADVANCED DUNGEONS 
                                                        AND DRAGONS

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