Sunday, October 15, 2017

Save Against Fear Convention

In my Sunday gaming group, Luke brought this Con to our attention and at the time, not too many games were listed. I figured, worst comes to worst, I can walk the mall and the Bass Pro shop is at the Harrisburg mall..  Hey, it would be a nice day out of the house anyway... But many games were added later and a Celebrity guest

I did not know much about the Bodhana group, I knew from my own experience with my now 12 year old that gaming was good for Social skills and the many other benefits of role playing as she has been in my gaming group for a while and I thank all the players in my groups that have shown so much patience with her.  This was going to be a charity event for the group so I had no issues running games..

You can read more About the group here:

And the Therapeutic applications here

So I sent in a request to run 3 Games, I thought I would be safe with running 2 Firefly games and a Toon game. Not knowing the crowd, I did not want to go Old school for the day

My Daughter and I arrived at just before 10 AM and I paid the one day fee. We went to find where we could play the First Firefly game, I was concerned that only 2 people signed up, but hoped that more would just hop in looking for a game... unfortunately no one else joined us and I had to cancel the game... We did play Firefly Fluxx for a bit and had a good time talk to the 2 players (Forgive me but I cannot recall the names)

So we all went off to find some board games to play, My Daughter and I went and Joined the Munchkin Tournament. We were at our FLGS the previous  Thursday for Game Night and had a great session of Munchkin, that gave her the confidence to play... Of course the 3 women co-operated in destroying my at every chance and helping each other... but it was fun in a masochistic sort of way

Then we got lunch in the food court..

After lunch people rounded up a few players for my Toon game and it was a Great time, they even managed to get me bursting out Laughing.. they had a great time and I had such fun running it for them

So Kassie was in the the finals of the Munchkin tournament while I was running Toon, and she had the Cosplay Costume Contest to go to...

She did win and get a prize for the Costume contest, a T-Shirt and Pins and a picture. Because she was the only Star wars Character, she got a Bonus game

She had seen this game and wanted it, it was going to go on her Christmas list

So then it was time for her to finish the Munchkin Tournament and she came in Third after a really cool game.. and got a Prize

After the Tournament we went to Meet Martin Klebba ( Pirates of the Caribbean, Scrubs, and Mirror Mirror)


I brought my Mirror Mirror movie for him to sign and got a picture with my Daughter

So then it came time for my 2nd Firefly RPG game, I had 7 signed up and 2 bailed out, so we ended up with 5 players. I ran the game, it started fine, we got about halfway through when people got hungry... So I said, left's take a 15 minute break and then continue...

1 player (playing Mal Reynolds, the main character) decided not to return. He gave no indication that he was not going to continue... He seemed to be having fun and the story was just heating up and getting good... I don't judge people but I am just going to say it was inconsiderate

I have run this several times at at other cons, but you cannot please everyone...

We did play Fluxx for a little bit and had our own fun talking

Then I was Talking to Jack Berkenstock, the man behind the entire convention... I wanted to Pick his brain as I may be looking to do something similar at our local mall for Charity

We had a great conversation and I am y be going to Paxx Unplugged in November because he is doing some panels there about the group.

So, Overall I had a great time and my daughter enjoyed her first Convention.

I plan on doing some Old School Dungeons and Dragons games next year and will add this to my list of Conventions to attend.. ( I will update this in a few days)