Monday, November 10, 2014

All About The Dice !! My Addiction

As anyone who plays Role playing games knows, it is all about the dice. 

(My Original Sets of Dice)

Updated picture 

When I first started playing and then running games, I always loved the dice, I love the way a new set feels and select dice that appeal to me. I am addicted to buying dice... I have bought 2 sets of one dice simply because it was cool and forgot I had that set.  My latest purchases have been sets that I wanted or additions to sets that I own. 

Buying dice started out at some conventions I went to and ran games at, we would get some vouchers for running games, and I pretty much spent most of my vouchers on Dice... so I would rotate the dice I was using... One of the reasons for so many dice is that I can always pull out a pair that no one at the table is using and minimize my chances for losing dice... I have also given away more sets then I can remember, simeply because I always buy a few really cheap sets. 

Most board games are played with a Standard 6 sided Die or a Pair of  6 sided Dice

The Number of sides of a dice can vary in Roll playing games from 4 sided, 6 sided, 8 Sided, 10 sided, 12 sided, 20 sided and Percentile dice (100) 

In Role playing games, depending on the system, you can use any combination of Dice or all the dice. There are many Specialty dice that can be purchased. 
You can find all sorts of odd dice, like a 30 Sided (I have no need for one) or any game specific type 

I can tell if a Die is not weighted correctly simply by feeling it... I don't know if the material were cheap but I recently bought a set that will never be used because the weight is wrong

4 Dice, 3 Manufacturers, made in 3 different decades, all the same size.... 4 witnesses that verified the first time I weighed them


Glow in the Dark Dice... I had to have them... Love the way they change from Purple to Green glow

My New Foam dice                                The Playschool dice

The dice collection only my large Foam are in a bag, I prefer empty Peanut butter jars

Ever feel the need to throw a 100 HD Fireball ?