Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Finding Game Players and Games

This is the hardest thing to do, find players...

To me, this means compatible players willing to play outside their comfort zone or try something they may not be into...

I recently tried a Spelljammer game, one of the old TSR worlds. I never liked premade worlds because they usually had classes and rules specific to that would impact the gameplay

I did like Dragonlance to a point but you really had to play the pre made characters .

As a DM, I look for players that really fit my dynamic.

  • Bring something to the table other than rolling dice
  • Try something new
  • Have fun
  • Accept what I say as final
  • Do not argue rules, we can discuss them, but if you had 2 attacks and think you can attack a third time in a small room, it won't happen
  • Don't be an ass, you can have a big personality without being an ass     
  • Don't argue with players over little things
  • Founding members of a group (Meaning those with the group from the creation who are running games) have a say, but the final decision is on me 

Some of my favorite people and players took a few weeks to get used to

One was Linda,
who came into our group with a Chris, they already had a dynamic going and they brought their characters from another game where she was dominant over his, Chis was such a fun and easygoing guy. We did not know what to make of this and we were debating on if this was what we wanted, we decided that 2 more game sessions and that would be it... by the time that part of the adventure was completed, they were granted votes on new people in our group, I really enjoyed running game and playing in games with them... We all did things outside of the Game nights also

Then was Chris 2
Chris was loud, boisterous and confident.  He took some getting used to but he was a great guy and really loved playing

Then there are those who just click from the time they sit down at the table

Mark - He was an amazing DM and was willing to play anything. He could made the most mundane adventure into an epic. He definitely made the rest of us up our game. We did alot outside of the game when time permitted. Then, he got transferred back to Texas

Steve - One of the most creative and adaptable people I have ever known, he could run many systems and was not afraid to play a self centered Zulu Warrior... some of the greatest moments in games were Steve cracking everyone up. His command of Toon and many different genres was amazing

Scott - Forever changing and challenging us to learn new games brought a ton of different games and he always ran great games.  He ran a Toon game called the Dark Care-bear Adventure... wow, who knew he was secretly watching the Care-bears and writing this. I had so much fun playing in it.

Greg B2 - he was your typical Frat boy... impulsive and always interesting... He introduced us to Battletech and I roomed with him at more than one Con... I did trust him to a point... then he failed to return several AD&D books to me.

I have realistic expectations and sometimes, players who disrupt more than adding to the game or who get upset if one thing does not go their way, need to be removed from the group

I have sacrificed players who came with other players, Once had to let a husband and wife be removed from a group because while she was Great and we would have kept her, there was no way he could stay with the dynamics of the group.

What I have been doing Lately

I am on Several Meetup pages and RPG pages... I always carry my DM Cards

I also try to attend local gaming conventions and I go to gaming stores. I engage people in conversations and try to connect to as many as possible.

As a Player... 

I may push gently to see if I can get a few perks, such as second edition tweeks that do not upset the balance of the game but are completely reasonable

I always try to bring my A game and keep the game moving. I look at the situation and see what can be done to minimize any potential issues.

Even if I am not that fond of the game, I can bring an angle to play