Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gary Con 10 and I am intending to go

I have been gaming with Luke Heller and we are making plans to go to GaryCon 10

I have decided on running the following games

So you think you have an Attitude ? 
So you think you have an Attitude, too ?    (Rewrite needed)
AAAAHHHH - Version 2018 with a revised ending     
The Quest for the Gate between worlds
PizzaTOON / A TOON Love Story

The following are games I am developing for GaryCon

The Fairy Fellers Master Stoke
             I am fairly well along in the story and the pregens

The Hour of the Wolf
            Dangerous Journeys
                       Starting work has begun... 

The Pirates Of Dark Water Saga 
            Using Dream Park Rules (Cyberpunk 2.0 Engine)
                       Have not begun to write it, but picks up where the                            Series ended all those years ago

I also have a few other games that I may or may not run depending on how I feel about progress

These may include (titles only)
The Tower and the Keep
The Elves of Sanatoga
TOON Whom it may Concern

Or I may decide not to run any games and just show up to play....

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