Thursday, April 30, 2015

Updates and thoughts

Some of my new purchases... 

I was searching for new dice and was asked to evaluate a set of gold dice, they were nice and he wanted to sell them, I consulted with one of my players (Luke) who owns metal dice that were similar... They seemed to be in the 30 dollar range but I needed to look further into it. They were 16mm as opposed to the standard 20mm.  I ended up not buying them 

I did find a brand new pair for a reasonable price, with no shipping charge

Absolutely stunning 

Gold Dice... 
Flip Battle Map and Plastic Travel Tube for protection

RPG, love this system

The Elves of Sannatogga

This is my current campaign that I am running. What happens when you take a group of elves and displace them where there are no Elves....

Started out on a ship as galley slaves, then the ship is under attack, taken over and the Elves are set free in another part of the world unknown to them.  with nothing but a few crappy swords and some gold from the slavers spoils 

First they encounter a race that has the ability to make people forget that they ever met them.. 

Then, they find that there are no Elves in this area of the world and they have not seen any other races

Then make their way to a Town and Small Kingdom and have to win over people and prove they are friendly, then they are asked to clear out a nearby cave system of the current foul creatures that have taken it over. 

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