Wednesday, April 22, 2015

These are a few of my favorite Games....

Having been around Role Playing Games for most of my life, I have a few favorites that I would like to expand on:

First, Dungeons and Dragons, the grandfather of all modern role playing.

It was a game without a winner, where you tried to become someone else... and our gaming group was pretty tight through HS

The game is Trait based -  Strength, intelligence, wisdom constitution, dexterity and and charisma are the basics. Then there are charts for battles and armor class ratings... lots of percentiles to do accomplishments such as thieve's skills...

I mastered the game and then went on to have several gaming groups and did many conventions in NJ

Vampire, the Masquerade

I had several friends that played Vampire, I had resisted playing for a while because it really was not something I was into..... well, after the first few sessions, I was hooked..  The D10 system was straightforward, it was skill based and not based on traits,,,,

I found that I enjoyed it because it was (at least the games I was playing) set in the current modern era

Soon, I had a weekly group that played and I kept finding stranger and darker story lines for them.

Toon, The Role playing Game

Some of the best games I have run and played in were Toon games... it takes a lot to be in the right frame of mind for Toon. You have to be fully prepared and on your toes at all times.

You have to act before you think, this means keeping a few running gags in pocket at all times so you can do them at the most (in)appropriate times..

Dangerous Journeys

This is my favorite Role Playing System because it is completely built on Skills, making a character takes forever, but once completed, the game is so rich and diverse

This is a game for people interested in ROLE playing and being able to do things not normally found in games.


More of Strategy than Role Playing, I do enjoy a good game.

Dream Park

Built on the Cyberpunk 2. 0 system, this is fast flexible and fun... does a great job of combining many genres even it is does not do one batter than others... 

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