Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dice - Dice - Baby !

Thought this would be a good time to update my dice situation....

February 2017 contest Shot

Update February 23 - More Dice added

Won in a Dice photo contest 

White - Glow in the dark Dice

White Opaque - Recolored

Ghostly Glow D6 Dice block

Here is all the dice I have received recently...

The main set of these is from the WIZDice "Bag of Devouring" 20 complete sets in a large dice bag


Below is other dice I have received over the past several months

My First set of Game Science Dice

Pencil Dice !!!!  from a Kickstarter

Acquired via a traveling dice box trade

Gift from my daughter

found in a dice bin, missing the D12

20 Dice set of Ghostly Glow Pink

The ghostly glow... very nice glow

Ghostly Glow Orange... disappointing with the glow

Light Blue Opaque

Glitter Gold

Weather / Mood  / Storm Dice from Kickstarter

Fireball Dice

Gunmetal with electric blue... Kickstarter

Opalite, ordered from MassDrop
Vortex - Yellow with Blue

Dusty Blue with copper
Purple cheap dice 

Acquired via a Dice trading box

Acquired via a Dice trading box

Additional Dice arrivals - 9/22/16 - Cheap Dice from China

Glow in the dark Orange

Disappointed that the D8 wont really glow

This looks really good for 1 Dollar

another 1 Dollar pair of dice

ALL my Pink dice  - OCT 2016

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