Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stories from the Kinniggetts of the the Tabletop

OK, here are some true incidents that as a DM / GM / Animator / Storyteller/ Player that are worth retelling:

Now the list of infamous lines from our games has long been lost and we relied on pen and paper... so I will do my best to create the list over


As we were approaching a den of creatures and hear them but not see them, our fearless fighter goes and says
        Player  "I shoot them with an arrow"

                   DM "How are you going to shoot them?"

        Player:  "Shortbow"


The Party, having a folding boat, prepares to head down the river... player takes out the boat, says the activation word "Float".... Whereas another player says "GO, GO, Gadget Boat!"

At a convention Running "So you think you have an attitude" the Female dwarf passes out and one of the other dwarfs says,

              "I jump the passed out female"

and a second dwarf says "I jump on him!"

The first dwarf rolls a dice and then says "I like it!!"

                     I lost it and it took me 15 minutes to recover

A little background is needed for this one. We attended many cons, and usually it was my gaming group and another gaming group we all played in... They usually ended up with 10 people in their room and their tub was filled with alcohol... when you walked into their room, usually you got cheezits thrown at you like throwing stars... literally they had boxes and boxes and all out cheesit war

We were checking out and passing the room as the Maids were entering, and we heard them say: "Ain't no way I am cleaning this Fucking mess"

We Were starting a new campaign and we were in a town.. I was playing a Kender, Steve was a Militant Black Zulu Warrior, Dave was a Fighter and the Other Greg was a Fighter...
In the middle of the night the town gets attacked so we wake up and start heading down to fight...

The Zulu yells out the window "Shut the Fuck up, I am trying to sleep!!" 

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