Wednesday, January 20, 2016

GRM - Gaming Reference Materials

OK, SO I was going to write about books that influence people but the list is so large and varied that it really cannot be paired down to a top 40 list.

So, I thought I would present what materials I use when creating a world...

The Dictionary of Imaginary places
The Dictionary of Imaginary places, from descriptions to Pictures to maps.. When I have a world, Continent or Island to create, I can turn through this and see if anything here inspires me. I love this book and it is my number 2 reference book

The Compendium 

I love flipping through this book, Weapons, Armor and Castles. I have used several castles in this book in the worlds I have created. When i bought it, Palladium was the mai publishers of all sorts of supplements for gaming

Arms and Equipment Guide

Not as complete as the compendium, but has a bit more stats for in game....

The Dungeon Masters Guide

So much information crammed into this book... I have read it cover to cover many times.
When creating a game, I like to use some of the lesser known tables and the outdoor information is better than the Wilderness guide.  This is my number one resource 

I do not like how to books... I am not writing or designing based on what someone thinks makes a great dungeon or adventure... How to guides usually only tell one way to make a dungeon or adventure... 

might as well just use modules if you cannot create something well crafted... The main issues I see are too many dungeons are generic,  based on limited experience. 

Read novels, watch Movies. 

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